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1. The 2-year term for submission of a claim provided for in § 218 (2) of the LPA applies to products sold by Lamellpuit OÜ.

2. Definitions:

2.1 Examination - an examination performed by the manufacturer to determine the existence and cause of a defect in the product.
2.2 Independent expert examination - an additional paid expert examination performed at the request of the client, by an independent expert accepted by the manufacturer, if the client is not satisfied with the results of the expert examination performed by the manufacturer.

3. A claim may be made for defects in the design, manufacture or materials of the product.

4. The claim submission period starts from the date of purchase of the goods.

5. The basis for submitting a claim is the sales invoice for the product.

6. The customer can submit a complaint to the e-mail address

7. The claim must be made in the clearest possible description of the defect (s) in the product.

8. The seller is not responsible for the following defects:

8.1 caused by accidental or intentional damage to the product by the user;
8.2 caused by a change in the technical characteristics of the product;
8.3 caused by non-observance of the instructions for use of the product;
8.4 caused by the use of the product in non-intended environmental conditions.

9. A claim shall not be settled if Lamellpuit OÜ proves that the defects in the product have occurred due to the fault of the buyer.

10. Lamellpuit OÜ is obliged to perform an expert examination within six months from the date of sale of the product in order to determine the causes of the defect in the product in case of disagreement.

10.1 If as a result of the examination it turns out that the defect is due to the fault of the client and the client does not agree with it, the client has the right to request an independent examination.

10.2 If the result of the independent examination proves that the defect has arisen through the fault of the client, the costs of the independent examination shall be covered by the client.

11. If the customer submits a claim for the product six months after the date of purchase and the defect reveals that the product is defective, the costs incurred shall be borne by the customer.

12. If the repair of the product on which the claim is based proves impossible or its production is terminated, the product shall be replaced with an equivalent product with the consent of the customer.

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Valid from 01.02.2019